Modell call

I'm planning a trip to ICELAND with 3 other amazing photographers in January and we want to photograph YOU in the amazing landscapes!

We will be in ICELAND between January 12th – January 16th and we are look for some models to take part in some styled photoshoots. We will provide gorgeous dresses and styling so that you feel extra beautiful in front of our cameras. There is no requirement for any modeling experience, we will guide you through it all so that you can relax and just look beautiful in the breathtaking natures of Iceland.

  • We are looking for some models for: 
    Friday January 13th & Sunday January 15th
  • What we are looking for:
    Pregnant mamas & Love birds
  • What you get: A free photoshoot in breathtaking dresses with experienced photographers from Sweden. You will also receive 20 digital pictures (5 pictures from each photographer)

Are you interested? 
Read more down below and let us know by filling in our form.

If you'd like to check out my collegues work that will take part in the photoshoot, here are some links:

Jasmine Turandar (me)

Sara Höglund
@fotografsarahoglund (Instagram)

Matilda Rudblom

Tess Larsson

website coming soon


Friday January 13th
Diamond beach at 11 AM 
Eldhraun at 2 PM

Sunday January 15th
Skogafoss at 11 AM 
Black beach at 2 PM

Terms of agreement

As this is a styled and FREE photohoot the terms varies a little from a regular photosession. It’s important that you read through this before you apply.

  • We as the photographers decide the styling 100%, that includes what you wear, where the photoshoot takes place and so on.
  • You can of course request for a specific dress to wear or if there’s anything else you have in mind, but since this is a free photoshoot and for us as photographers it’s important that we have creative freedom.
  • Before we start we will ask that you sign a contract when we meet at the location. This contract includes the terms explained here and that you agree that the pictures will be used in advertisement for the photographers on their website and social media (in Sweden).
  • You will need to be available for approximately 2 hours on agreed day. We need you to arrive with your hair and makeup complete.
  • You will be photographed by all 4 of us photographers and you’ll get 5 digital pictures from each of us, a total of 20 pictures. If you are interested in more pictures we offer some great prices.
  • Each photographer will choose which pictures they will send to you.
  • When you publish our pictures from this photoshoot we require you to also name who the photographer is and preferable with a link to our Instagram and/or website.
  • Delivered pictures must not be edited in any way. The pictures are delivered as a completed work of art and it’s not allowed to alter them in any way (not even to make them black & white).
  • We deliver all pictures fully edited in regards to colours and light. We don’t add make up or cover up some fine lines. We as photographers like to enhance your natural beauty and think it’s important to not alter this in any way! Each photographer works differently and therefor the style and to what level the imaged are edited can varies.
  • We would also love and appreciate if you would leave a short text telling us how you experienced to be photographed by us and how you liked the result. We value feedback and may use it in our advertisement and it can also help us grow.
Gravidfotograf Västerås Enköping Gravidfotografering
Bröllopsfotograf Västerås Enköping Västmanland

What we need

We are looking for 3-4 pregnant mamas and 2-3 love birds for each day

Pregnant mamas

You should at the time for the photoshoot have a visable belly and preferably some weeks left before your due date.

Love Birds

A couple in LOVE and comfortable to hug & kiss infront of 4 photographers with cameras.

Bröllopsfotograf Västerås Enköping Västmanland
Bröllopsfotograf Västerås Enköping Västmanland
Bröllopsfotograf Västerås Enköping Västmanland

Are you interested?

Fill out the form and let us know!